Riding is my Passion!
Show Jumping my Devotion!
Results my Reward!
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    Casi father, Casall was one of the top horses on the jumping curcuit during his active years. We bought Casi as a fowl and he is with us since winter 2008. When he was 4, I showed him for the first time at a national competition in Austria. 5 year old, we started to compete at national and international competitions regularly. Casi is a very playful and cheeky companion with an enormous scope. At the Austrian Championship 2017 we cleared 150 cm with ease.

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    He enjoys his juvenile years on large paddocks in Hungary. Prince has certainly inherited his mother's beauty and we are already excited to see if he has inherited his mothers fast steps and his young father's scope.

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  • More about Princess de Balou
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    The second foal of Girl Chin. Her father is Balou du Rouet, and she was born beginning April 2018. This beautiful young mare developed a strong character and is absolutely beautiful… so watch this space!

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    Kiki in now retired enjoying eating and being naughty. With Kiki I took part in two European Championships. 2011 as a Junior in Comporta, Portugal and 2012 as Junior at Magna Racino, Ebreichsdorf, Austria. We also represented Austria at various CSIO's and Nationcups for Juniors and were also successful nationally.

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  • More about Viper …
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    Viper was my special partner during 2015 and early 2016. 2015, we representet Austria at the European Young Rider Championship in Arezzo, Italy. We also won two GSIO Young Rider Grand Prix's one in 2015 at the CSIO YR Grand Prix Lamprechtshause, Austria and the other 2016 at the CSIO YR Grand Prix Wierden, Netherland. A special Thanks to Anton Martin Bauer, who allowed me to ride his stallion.

  • BIO

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    Born 1994 in Melbourne, Australia to an Austrian mom and French dad.
    1996 - my parents put me for the first time on the back of a pony at St. Kilda Beach, Australia
    1999 - I took my first riding lessons in Saint Martin, Caribbean, where we had relocated.
    2001 - I moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, where I took lessons at the Witkoppen Equitation Centre and participated at numerous competitions around greater Johannesburg.
    2003 - I moved to Vienna, Austria. After a very “slow start” getting back on the horse, I met Anton Martin Bauer in 2007. Now it is over ten years that I am working under his guidance, and truly, there has never been a dull moment …
    After I started to study Nutritional Science, at the University of Vienna I had a change of heart, and decided to do a Massage diploma course. That course triggered my big interest in the human body and so October 2019, I will start my Medicine Studies at the Karl Landsteiner University in Krems.

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    2014 European Show Jumping Championships for Young Riders in Arezzo, Italy, with Viper Van Huize Ruisdael
    2012 European Show Jumping Championships for Juniors in Ebreichsdorf, Austria, with Licken Tardonne
    2011 European Show Jumping Championships for Juniors in Comporta, Portugal, with Licken Tardonne

    2017 4th CSI U25 S* Ey Cup, Gut Ising with Casey Calhou
    2016 Winning CSIYH 8yr over 140 cm with Casey Calhoun
    2015 winning the CSIO Young Rider Grand Prix in Wierden, Netherlands, with Viper van Huize Ruisdael
    2014 winning the CSIO Young Rider Grand Prix in Lamprechtshausen, Austria, with Viper van Huize Ruisdael
    2013 winning the CSI Young Rider Grand Prix in Wr. Neustadt, Lake Arena, Austria, with Captain Jack 19
    2012 winning the CSI Junior Grand Prix in Wr. Neustadt, Lake Arena, Austria, with Licken Tardonne

    Over the years, I was fortunate to celebrate many wins and placings with my horses Casey Calhou, Captain Jack, Licken Tardonne, Girl Chin and Cyr de Bergerac as well as horses I was given to ride.

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    At this stage I like to thank all those who have given me this incredible chance to live my dream …

    To my grand-dad, for his generous contributions and for providing me with a great truck…

    To my parents, who are always there for me and for making this passion possible…

    And all last but not least to my friends who are there for me, licking wounds or cheering me on…
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